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Xeric Halograph Watch

$499  (~  ₹ 33,233)

Beautiful and distinct. The Xeric Halograph checks both these boxes, thanks to its unique “Halo Hands” that sweep majestically over the time markings laid out perfectly along concentric semi-circles.

The Xeric Halograph is the second offering from Watchismo, the watch retailers who launched their own brand Xeric in 2013 with the hugely successful Xeriscope watch. The Halograph features a 46mm orb case, and is available in two variants – the Halograph Automatic and the Halograph Quartz Chrono.

The Halograph Automatic is powered by mechanical movement and doesn’t need any batteries. On the other hand, the Halograph Quartz Chrono has the same design as the Automatic, but it has a Japanese Miyota-powered chronograph movement. The Automatic version is obviously costlier of the two ($499 vs $299), and you should go for it if you appreciate the higher quality of craftsmanship required for mechanical movement watches.

The Halograph is available in a variety of colors and has multiple strap options, and can be purchased on Watchismo’s website. And don’t worry about shipping issues, these folks have been shipping watches worldwide since 1999!

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