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Underwater Room, Manta Resort

$1,500  (~  ₹ 99,900) per night

Imagine waking up to the view of tropical fishes swimming by your window. That’s right, your window ! Manta Resort’s underwater floating room, located off the coast of island of Pemba, Zanzibar (a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania), offers this spectacular underwater view of the tropical marine life.

The underwater room is actually the bottom floor of a three-floor suite that floats about 250 meters from the coast, surrounded by coral reefs and held in place by wires extending to the ocean floor. The middle floor, located at sea-level, serves as the dining and lounging area and has bathroom facilities. The top floor serves as the sundeck, but it is the bottom floor that provides the most unique experience.

Lying completely submerged about 4 meters beneath the surface, the bottom floor serves as the master bedroom and offers two large windows on each of the four walls. There are also spotlights on the windows to help you catch a glimpse of the marine life even at night time! So what’s the price for this floating tropical paradise? That would be $1500 (~ INR 1 lac) per night, all inclusive.

Helpful notes about Manta Resort

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars

Most common way of getting there: Take a flight to Pemba Island via Zanzibar City. Route is serviced by Zanair, Coastal Air, Auric Air.

Local currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). Approximately, 1 USD = 2172 TZS, and 1 INR = 32 TZS

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