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Starry Station Wi-Fi Router

$325  (~  ₹ 21,644)

Stylish and easy-to-setup, the Starry Station Wi-Fi router sets itself apart from the other routers out there. It comes with its own touchscreen that allows even tech noobs to breeze through the Wi-Fi setup process.

Once setup, you can use the touch-screen to view the router statistics and change settings. The screen also displays each connected device as either a red dot or a blue dot – blue indicates a healthy connection, while red indicates there is some connectivity issue with the device. Clicking the red-dot brings up additional tips on how to solve the connectivity problem.

Starry Station has two Gigabit LAN ports, and even has a microphone, speaker and proximity sensors. It also has built-in support for Bluetooth and ZigBee, which indicates that Starry Station plans to evolve into a home automation hub in the near future.

Although a tad costly, this makes for a great gift to your non-tech savvy friends and family members.

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