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Salt-Aether Scout Sunglasses

$600  (~  ₹ 39,960)

The exclusive Scout sunglasses are designed for motorcycle riders and are the result of a collaboration between two California based brands – Aether Apparel and the luxury eyewear brand Salt Optics.

The Scout has an extended frame-top and a windshield that reduces wind flow and peripheral sunglight by more than 80 per cent. At the same time, strategically placed holes in the windshields ensure that the rider’s peripheral vision is not completely obstructed. Built using lightweight beta-titanium frames, this pair is flexible enough to be taken on and off while wearing a helmet. The titanium nose pads ensure the glasses fit snugly and the polarized filters ensure maximum eye comfort by cutting off glare.

You can purchase the Scout Sunglasses directly from Aether’s website who will ship it worldwide (including Europe and India) at no extra cost.

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