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Balkonzept Balcony Desk

€138  (~  ₹ 10,295)

If your balcony seems too small to comfortably accommodate a desk, you should take a look at the Balkonzept desk from Rephorm. Unlike regular desks, the Balkonzept desk does not have any legs at all and can simply be hung on the balcony railing.

Designed by Berlin based Michael Hilgers, this lightweight desk is made out of recyclable plastic and provides enough room to keep a laptop and a cup of hot coffee (or tea, depending on your addiction). To add a touch of green to your balcony, the desk even has space to keep a few flowerpots.

The Balkonzept desk is available in multiple colors and ships world-wide. Folks from India and those who want it shipped outside the European Union (EU) can purchase the Balkonzept desk from Rephorm’s non-EU shopping page, and those from within the EU can purchase it from Rephorm’s EU shopping page.

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