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Orée Pebble Wireless Charger

€110  (~  ₹ 8,206)

Do you brim with pride when you talk about your phone charger? Is it proudly showcased in your home or office? Well, the answer would have been a resounding yes if you were the owner of the Orée Pebble wireless charger.

Handcrafted from a single piece of walnut or marble, the Pebble sports a minimal design and even has in-built 360° aptX® Bluetooth speakers. The micro USB cable powered Pebble uses Qi standard wireless induction technology and to begin charging your phone all you need to do is to simply place it on Pebble’s surface.

Of course, not all phones are Qi compliant, so check the FAQ section on Pebble’s webpage for the list of Pebble compatible phones. Recent iPhones, and various versions of Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Lumia are Qi compliant. Even if your phone is not Qi compliant, you can try adding Qi wireless charging capability to your phone to make it Pebble-worthy.

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