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Noke Smart Padlock

$70  (~  ₹ 4,661)

Have you noticed how more and more devices are getting a “smart” makeover? Case in point – there’s a smart suitecase, a smart cup, and even a smart mattress cover. Apparently so did our humble padlock, and it decided to take on a new, smarter avatar. Thus was born the Noke (pronounced “no key”), a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smart padlock.

To start using Noke’s smart functionality download the free Noke app (available for iOS and Android), and let Noke automatically find and pair with your phone. That’s it. You are done. And what smart features does Noke offer?

First, there’s the key-less entry feature. To unlock Noke you don’t even need to pull out your phone and use your app. Just click Noke’s shackle, and the padlock will unlock if it finds your phone within Bluetooth range. And just in case you have forgotten your smartphone, you can still unlock Noke using custom click patterns.

Next, you can easily manage multiple Noke’s from your app as it allows you to name each padlock and create separate custom settings. So that means less keys in your pockets and that’s always a good thing.

Finally, you can provide access to your friends (either for one time or multiple use). You can even set time boundaries so they have access only during certain times. Cool, isn’t it?

Most importantly, Noke is not just a gimmicky device – it provides the core functionality of a lock by using the latest in anti-shim technology and having a sturdy build (it is made of steel and has boron-hardened shackle). Its battery lasts for up to a year, and is easily replaceable. Noke is water proof, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -23°C to 65°C (-10°F to 150°F).

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