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Nevo Smart Watch

$300  (~  ₹ 19,979)

An analog watch with smartwatch features, the Nevo sports a minimalist design and yet manages to hide away a ton of goodies beneath – an accelormeter, sensors and Bluetooth connectivity.

Nevo provides basic fitness tracking without being too overwhelming – you can choose among three levels of activity goals (light, moderate and intensive) and Nevo will track your progress. Nevo can also alert you to new calls, SMS, emails and social media updates by vibrating and showing a colored LED. The notification types can be turned on/off so you have control over what alerts are important to you.

Nevo’s battery life is quite impressive if you compare it to others in its category – its smartwatch features can be powered for up to 6 months via a swappable battery. A second battery can keep its timekeeping features running for upto 5 years. Overall, this is a great watch for those who want a stylish smartwatch with basic activity tracking, without having to worry about daily/weekly charging hassles.

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