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LaMetric Time

$179  (~  ₹ 11,921)

As the makers of the LaMetric Time claim, it is more than a connected clock that can automatically set its time via the internet. This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled device is actually a smart ticker that can be customized via the accompanying iOS or Android app to display a whole range of information – the weather, your Google Calendar events, stock quotes, social media notifications, and quite a bit more.

The physical device, measuring 8.9 × 2.8 × 1.6 inches (length × height × width), features an LED screen, built-in speakers for delivering streaming music and audible notifications, and buttons to help you scroll through the displayed widgets. The LED screen’s left side is a color panel (8×8 pixels) for displaying icons and the right side is a white panel (29×8 pixels) for displaying information.

LaMetric Time supports IFTTT, and that is great because you can essentially pair it with any of the web services supported by IFTTT. And folks who prefer their home automated can even setup the LaMetric as their home’s display center, thanks to its support for home automation platforms/ecosystems such as Smart Things, Ninja Blocks, and WigWag.

LaMetric Time is available in two variants – battery operated, or plug-in – and is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

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