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Klokers KLOK-01

€349  (~  ₹ 26,035)

The Swiss made KLOK-01 is not your usual watch. In fact, it is quite confusing at first glance. There is none of the familiar time division markings, and there are no hour, minute or second hands. However, take a second look and the intricately designed KLOK-01 starts making sense.

Based on a rotating disk design, it features 3 disks rotating at different speeds in a counter-clockwise direction. The outermost disk is for the hour value, the middle disk tracks the minutes, and the innermost disk tracks seconds. To read the time you need to look at the vertical red line and read the value on the three dials.

Encased in a 44mm diameter steel and polymer casing, the watch has a distinctively retro look. You can wear it on the wrist or simply carry it around in your pocket after removing the bracelets.

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