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Greyp G12S Electric Bicycle

€8,380  (~  ₹ 6,25,148)

The G12S is a 2nd generation electric bicycle from European manufacturer Greyp. You can use it in two modes – as a bicycle in “Street” mode or as a motorcycle in “Power” mode. This is a bio-metric bike, so there are no keys and the switching between the two modes happens with a scan of your thumb or middle finger.

The G12S can be recharged from 0 to 100% power in 80 minutes flat from a standard 220V outlet, and a full charge provides a 120 km range. The chassis and rear swingarm are made out of high-grade, high-tensile 25CrMo4 steel. Greyp ships to India as well, so head over to Greyp’s website if you have taken a liking to it.

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