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Glow Headphones

$159  (~  ₹ 10,589) $ 199

The Glow headphone created by Grow, LLC is a smart headphone whose laser light pulsates to the beat of the music you are listening. Glow uses Corning® Fibrance™ light-diffusing fiber technology and the dedicated Glow App (available for Android and iOS) will enable you to take full control of the lighting. To deliver the lighting effect Glow uses its own battery that can be charged via standard micro-USB and will last for upto 8 hours after full recharge. While the lighting is Glow’s unique feature, these headphones don’t skimp on audio quality either – they come equipped with premium quality audio drivers. Glow’s built-in microphone will let you make calls and send voice commands to Google Now, Siri, and the Glow App. Its 5-way control touch button will let you snap pictures and respond to texts.

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