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Exploride Car Heads-up Display

$299  (~  ₹ 19,913)

Car dashboards are so 2014. Heads-up Displays (HUDs) are the future. But what if you want your current car to go all futuristic? Presenting the Exploride Heads-up Display, a feature-rich yet affordable HUD for your car.

Exploride’s built-in dashcam lets you to record trips (very handy in resolving insurance/accident disputes) and its 6-inch display allows you to access Google Maps, music, voice calls, text with simple voice and hand gestures. And if your car has an an OBD II port, Exploride can display the speed, fuel information and engine health as well.

Exploride is powered by a quad-core processor and has 2GB RAM with 16GB of internal storage. Google Maps can be downloaded to the internal storage for use in offline mode. Exploride is 4G/LTE capable and comes with an accompanying app (for iOS and Android devices) and you get 1GB of cloud space as well. Exploride ships worldwide (including India) in January 2016. Pre-order now to avoid paying the higher retail price.

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