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Elgato Eve Room Sensor

$75  (~  ₹ 4,995)

Air pollution is in the news these days, thanks to Beijing and Delhi. So we wouldn’t be surprised at all if you are worried about your home’s air quality and have been hunting around for a good indoor air sensor. Our suggestion? Take a closer look at the Elgato Eve Room Sensor, provided you are on the Apple ecosystem.

This Apple HomeKit compatible device can measure indoor air quality (VOCs or volatile organic compounds), humidity and temperature. The design is unobtrusive and it is small enough (3 × 3 × 1 inches) to be safely tucked away in any corner without spoiling the aesthetics of your home. Eve Room uses the energy efficient Bluetooth 4.0 standard to communicate with your iPhone (no Android support yet), and is tightly integrated with Siri. That means you can simply ask Siri, “What is the temperature of my bedroom?”, and she will give you an answer.

Eve Room is powered by three AA batteries, and can run for three months without replacement. It comes with a free Eve app that collates and presents all the data in a neat fashion.

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