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AiraWear Massage Hoodie

$119  (~  ₹ 7,925)

Do you like those massage chairs, but wished for something more portable? Try the AiraWear massage hoodie. Weighing just about 1.1kg (2.6 pounds), this jacket comes with inbuilt plastic cushions that massage your lower, mid and upper back.

Charging is via micro-USB slot, and it takes two hours two fully charge the AiraWear. Once fully charged, Airware can last up to six hours. It comes with accompanying iOS and Android apps that communicate over Bluetooth with the jacket.

For massages, you can choose between four modes – relax, shoulder, lower back, and sleep. The “shoulder” and “lower back” modes target the upper and lower back areas respectively. The “relax” mode massages all three areas, while the “sleep” mode is for gentler overall massage. There is also a posture control feature that detects when your sitting or standing posture has gone wrong and gently pushes your lower back to remind you to adopt a better posture.

AiraWear comes in three colors – black, blue and gray, and you can order yours on KickStarter. It ships all over the world for additional $30.

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